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    I decided to give remote management another try. When enabling it, I notice my password under cloud setting defaults to my new router admin password and it will not authenticate to, thus I need to change it to my original password for it to enable remote management. It enables, and I have to use the password to enable via a web browser. I am able to get in via the web browser, but get a “failed to retrieve data” once I click manage or any other feature like settings, apps, etc. I’ve tried this on multiple devices. Connected on my LAN as well as via cell service to rule out my main home router. Please let me know what else to try.




    Your browser remembered the router password and was populating all password fields in all pages with the same password. Are you using Chrome?

    If the pcWRT router is behind another router, then you need to put the pcWRT in the DMZ of the other router, or set up port forwarding as described in this post: How to remote control the pcWRT router



    i think i am having this issue – how do i get chrome to stop saving the password fields?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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