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    Today I find pcwrt …
    I’m interesting to buy because It support IKeV2 vpn.. It’s ok in our country.

    I have some questions before purchase:

    1- is there Guest SSID Network near Main SSID?

    2- is it possible to make some limits just on Guest SSID Network such as blocking Torrent. Limiting speed, Limiting connections, Limit some Apps ?

    3- Can I Enable VPN Client ONLY on Main SSID? but Guest network working without vpn effects?

    4- is it possible to add SOCKS5 proxy function in future?

    5- Does it support TCP and UDP openvpn protocols?

    Enough for now

    Thanks alot.

    1. You can create up to 4 SSIDs per band (of course, including guest)
    2. You can limit speed on a group of devices (organized in profiles). You can assign named devices to any profile you create. Unnamed devices are automatically assigned to the Default profile. There are multiple ways to set controls. C.f.,
    3. You can specify which network (VLAN) goes through VPN when you set up the VPN connection:
    4. Not planned yet. Are you intending to use a SOCKS5 proxy with some VPN services?
    5. Yes

    Hi and Thank you for your response.

    As our Country is in list of US Sanctions It’s Hard to purchase directly.SO I need to order from third country then receiving from them.

    But there is another way. Is it possible to buy another Router brand such as TP-Link , D-Link etc… and Buy pcWRT Firmware for them?
    or if We buy alot of routers in Here, can you install pcWRT on them?

    another way is purchase Bulk (wholesale) from you as I sent email to you earlier.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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