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Trying to set up Host pcWRT flashed router

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    A bit new to this so bear with me.

    My goal is to have a flashed “host” router, pcWRT or other, at a friend’s home and use a travel “client” router to establish a VPN tunnel. I am trying to set up the “Host” router prior to leaving it a the friend’s home.

    I have two TP Link Archer A7 V5, flashed with pcWRT Lite. I can access the router and and settings with no issue. I was searching the forums and other online sources trying to figure out how to log in to the hotel guest wifi via the pcWRT flashed router. This would have it function as a hot spot or its own network. I’ve have made no progress in figuring out how to do this.

    I’m seeing that a dedicated travel router may be my best option, but I still want to use a VPN tunnel as well.

    When following the guide, and, I do not see the “Enable DDNS with“ option. I assume this is because I am using the pcWRT Lite firmware. Although paying for the Premium and receiving activation code I don’t see the “Upgrade” link to use it when logged into the router.

    Note that I am trying to do this from a hotel so the router is not connected to the internet which I considered to be an issue. I assumed there was a way that I could log into the hotel wifi via the router. I do have a direct ethernet connection from PC to router.


    You need an Internet connection in order to upgrade from Lite. The Upgrade button will display once the router is connected to the Internet.

    The router needs a wired Internet connection. So you can’t use it as a VPN client from a hotel. We will have a travel VPN router offering in a couple of months, which will allow you to connect to a hotel WiFi.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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