• Fake one-star reviews on Amazon for the pcWRT router

    For quite some time we were puzzled by the one-star reviews that were left on Amazon for our product. These were “Verified Purchase” reviews. Supposedly the customers purchased our product, were dissatisfied, then left a negative review.

    Strange enough, none of these customers reached out to us for support when they encountered problems. They just returned the product and left a negative review.

    An article on Lifehacker – Here’s Why Amazon Can’t Fix Review Spam – brought to our attention that we might have been a victim of fake negative reviews. If that’s true, it explains why those “customers” never interacted with us. Here are some examples of negative reviews we received on Amazon. You be the judge.

    1. Lynne rated us one-star by simply saying “Did not work”. She had a total of one review on Amazon. Guess we should feel lucky.
    2. Similarly, elvira said the product “do not work”. She had a total of three reviews on Amazon, all around the same time frame she left the review for us.
    3. “Amazon Customer” said the product “worked for a few weeks then died”. He/she had a total of one review on Amazon.
    4. Raplh said “It was broke and didn’t work as advertised”. He had a total of 32 reviews on Amazon, and he entered 10 of them on the same day.

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