• Configure AT&T NVG510 DMZ/Bridge to the pcWRT

    1. Connect the pcWRT to the NVG510 (as usual, pcWRT WAN to NVG510 LAN).
    2. Connect a computer to the pcWRT. Either WiFi or wired connection is OK.
    3. Open a browser and enter
    4. In the Device page, click Device List.
    5. In the Device List page, find the pcWRT and copy or write down the MAC address.

      It should be apparent which connected device is the pcWRT. If there’s any doubt, you can get the WAN IP address from the pcWRT and match it with the listed devices on the NVG510. When you log on the pcWRT management page (, the IP address is displayed under the Internet section.
    6. Click the Firewall menu, then click IP Passthrough.
    7. For Allocation Mode: select Passthrough.
      For Passthrough Mode: select DHCPS – Fixed.
      Type in or paste the pcWRT MAC address into the Passthrough Fixed MAC Address field.
      Click Save.
    8. A re-starting Gateway reminder message will appear, click on the Restart Now button to complete the setting change.
    9. If configuration is successful, the Internet (WAN) IP address for the pcWRT will change to a public IP address (i.e., no longer in the 192.168.1.x range).

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