• How to enable DNS over HTTPS on the pcWRT router

    DNS over HTTPS (DoH) is an important security addition to the DNS. It encrypts your DNS queries, preventing third parties (e.g., your ISP) from seeing and collecting data about what web sites you are visiting. The encryption also protects your DNS queries from being hijacked by hackers.

    As of v2.2.1, we’ve added support for DNS over HTTPS for the pcWRT router. Here’s how to enable it.

    1. Log on the router admin console
    2. Go to the Internet Settings page
    3. Check “Use custom DNS servers”
    4. Check “Enable DNS over HTTPS (DOH)”
    5. Select the DoH provider you want to use. Supported DoH providers are: OpenDNS, CleanBrowsing, Cloudflare, AdGuard, Google Public DNS, Quad9.

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