• How to enable native dynamic DNS on the pcWRT router

    Starting from version v2.0.1, the pcWRT router supports Dynamic DNS (DDNS) natively. You can set up a hostname for your router on the pcwrt.net domain with these steps:

    1. Open the router management console. Go to the System Settings page.
    2. Under the General section, check “Enable DDNS with pcwrt.net, enter the DDNS Name and click Save.

    However, if you want a DDNS name under other domains or want to set up DDNS with multiple domains, you can follow the instructions in our other blog post.

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  1. jncrft says:

    I have a pcwrt going into a dsl modem/router. After doing these steps, I only get a Cannot open page because the server stopped responding error message. What do I need to do to make this work?

  2. pcwrt says:

    If you log out and come back to this page again, is your data saved?

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